What will I need to play the game?

You need to have your camera and mic connected
Before you entering the game, you need to allow access for the site to the camera and the mic

What do I do if the game doesn’t load?
Refresh the page Ctrl+F5
Update your Flash Player (do it regularly to avoid any tech bugs)
Try to launch the game in another browser (Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari)
Clean the browser cache (open your browser and press Shift+Ctrl+Delete or go to Settings menu - history)

It's my turn to spin. What do I do in this case?
Congratulations! Now it’s your turn to spin the bottle!

Prepare to spin.
Hover the cursor on the button (near the chat window) and click on it. The bottle will start spinning up and then will stop pointing at a random player of the opposite gender.

The Bottle has pointed at me. What do I do?
It's your lucky day! You must now fulfill the wish of the active player.

General chat and gifts:
Every player in the room can use the general chat to exchange messages.
Put the cursor in the chat window, type the text, choose smileys if you want to and click “SEND”.
Your message will be seen by everyone who’s currently in the room.
You can give gifts to any player at any time.

There are gift shops in the game:
Love Weapons
Gifts and Tricks shops (assortment of good and evil gifts)
Weapon Warehouse...

Each shop has its own ARSENAL section (a store of your purchased gifts)

To send a gift, go to the shop you like, choose the gift, pay for it and then go to your ARSENAL , click on the “USE” button and then click on the player you want to send the gift to.
The user will receive a notification about your gift. The notification will also appear in the general chat window.

My gender is reflected incorrectly. How can I change it?
If you enter the game through Bottle-game.com, go to your personal account settings and choose the correct gender.
If you are logging in via one of the social networks, you can change your personal information in your account settings in the site you had logged in thru.

What you can do while playing the game:

Game Options:

Invite to a Private Chat.
Choosing this option, the private chat window will pop up. This option will allow you to chat privately with any player. Your messages will not be visible to other players and in the general chat window.

Invite to a Private Room.
By clicking on this button you can invite a user to a separate “private” room. The partner always has an option of either accept or reject your “private room” invitation.

Give a Gift.

If you click on this button, you will see a list of available gifts. When the gift is presented, the user who gets the gift and all other players will see a notification in the general chat.

Me in my social network.
This button will redirect you back to your account in the social network you used to log in with – Facebook, etc.

Peep Button.
By clicking on this button you can watch the players you’ve chosen in real time with a wide viewing angle and their windows will remain active until you decide to stop. You can choose up to 3 players to view at the same time!

Kick Out of the Room.
You can always kick the player out of the room for 10, 15, 25 or 30 minutes. Though, it’s not a free option.

Attract Attention.
If you want someone to notice you, you can click on this button, type a text and send it to the player you’ve chosen. He or she will receive your message three times. The message will pop up right in the middle of the screen and cannot be ignored.