Spin The Bottle - hit 3,5 mln users!

Despite its recent launch, online dating service for casual flirt and communication Bottle-game.com has already hit 3,5 mln users. The game is available on http://bottle-game.com and in every popular social network, as well as in the App Store and Google Play.

BottleGame, based on famous “Spin the Bottle” game is always of great interest for playing in a big company of friends as well as for face-to-face communication. The rules of the game are known by everyone: the players sit in a circle and the bottle is kept in the middle. The one of the players spins the bottle and when the bottle stops, the person, towards whom the mouth of the bottle is pointed, will be kissed by the person who rotated the bottle. Now the BottleGame site gives every internet user an opportunity to play this wonderful game online.

To join the video chat you need to go through quick registration and enter the virtual chat room. The gaming character of the video decreases the level of shyness, discomfort and psychological tension among players and ensures a relaxed and smooth communication between them. Video and audio chat facilities make a process of online communication and dating bright and emotional. Those players who do not have video camera can play on PhotoKiss room using a photo that will represent them in the game.

Every virtual room can host up to 24 players. . The number of people playing as well as their gender in each room is reflected opposite by female and male icons. BottleGame application is available in every popular social network as well as its mobile versions are available for free download in the App Store and Google Play. Soon the full version of video chat will become available for iOS, while Android users can already video chat on the go!

Online multi-user video chat BottleGame offers a completely new approach to online dating and communication. The players can play “Spin the Bottle” game, and at the same time chat, flirt, meet new people, make new friends. The luckiest ones can even find love! The video chat has been localized into English, German, Portuguese, Chinese, Latvian and Russian languages. Bottlegame video chat is the first internet service that perfectly balances traditional online dating services and video chat.

Online moderators and auto-ban system ensure quality of the service and maintain high comfort level of the players by tracking down indecent behavior.