​ BottleGame PhotoKiss: Famous Spin the Bottle game on you phone and tablets.

For someone who is a veteran in attending parties, a Spin the Bottle game is nothing new. As you know it’s where the participants sit in a circle and the bottle is kept in the middle. The one of the players spins the bottle and the fun part comes once the bottle stops because the person, towards whom the mouth of the bottle is pointed, will be kissed by the person who rotated the bottle.

Looks like an innocent game but it can sure be extremely fun!

Many people tried to virtualize this game for various platform and mobile devices, but if creating tasks and a spinning bottle on the mobile screen wasn’t a problem, brining the crowd in definitely was.

BottleGame Photokiss has shifted its focus towards social values such as communication, online dating, flirting and fun that players can have together. The bottle is just a tool to give the process a gaming character.

If you already downloaded the application from the App Store or Google Play, you just need to go through this simple registration process and start playing.

As it comes from the app name “PhotoKiss” – in the game you will be represented with your picture. After registration simply download your best photo or take one with the camera on your mobile device and choose the virtual room you’d like to play in.

The chat offers a wide selection of rooms which are densely populated with BottleGame lovers. So you can be sure you won’t waste any of your precious time waiting for the right company to play with.

The game reproduces natural room settings with the bottle in the middle. Each player randomly spins it, searching for the victim of their virtual kiss.

Each room can host up to 24 players. The number of people playing as well as their gender in each room is reflected opposite by female and male icons.

You can simply play Spin the Bottle chatting to anyone and everyone or you can liven up the game by presenting virtual gifts to show your affection. You can also set up or wreak play havoc with your rivals and other players in the text chat. The game features are endless but you will have to pay few Bottlegame coins (BGC) to use them. But hey least we forget that one has to pay for little pleasures.

Chat, kiss and fall in love! Who knows, maybe Bottlegame will help you to find love of your life.

Don’t be afraid to go further!

Soon the quiet pictures you see turn into live video images as Bottlegame developers are planning to release new multiuser video chat version very soon.


Free BottleGame is something you have been searching for so long in the Internet and finally found. It is the most joyful and fervour game you have ever played. Play online BottleGame and always be in a good mood.

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