The unique online mix of well-known Spin the Bottle game and the videochat! Play online! You’re closer to each other than it appears!

Bottlegame is a unique online game:

  • Meet new people, chat, flirt and fall in love!
  • Each new player must go through a simple registration or authentication before they can play.
  • Already registered? Great! You get to go straight to the Rooms page.
  • You can choose whichever room you like.

You want to meet new people and find love?

  • You're in the right place to choose!
  • We give you a great opportunity to meet your friends and dates face to face! Yet at a safe distance!
  • This way you don’t need to wonder who will appear on your date and don’t have to put the rose in the book to get recognized.
  • You will meet a person you already know

SPIN THE BOTTLE GAME – play for fun, but you may just fall in love!

Lots of people like BottleGame but it is quit often that they want not only virtual kisses but also a full communication smoothly leading to intimate relations. The majority of men do dream about it thought many girls are also not so happy with just hearts next to the icons. Today there is such an opportunity either in the Girls Strip Games or in the Mixed Games. The same BottleGame now offers a variety of opportunities rather than simple kisses – these are new acquaintances, addressing, and erotic videochat. The player doesn’t have to change his activity or follow endless number of links – all could be done at once.

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This game you can express yourself and: kiss online, play, dance, have fun and laugh, rate and be rated, chat, go for dates, go private, fall in love, and all the above at the same time!