Game rules - video chat BottleGame

The following is PROHIBITED on our site:

To disrupt performance of the general chat and/or hinder interaction of other people (including private rooms).

To transmit "junk mail", "chain letters," or unsolicited mass mailing or "spamming".

To be present in “Adult” rooms if you are under 18 years of age.

To Undress and perform actions of a sexual manner in the rooms if you are under 18 years of age.

To harass or advocate harassment of another person or use obscene language.

To do anything that can be found offensive and promotes racism, bigotry, hatred or physical harm of any kind against any group or individual.

To create more than one user account.

To transmit or send messages of sexual or violent manner in the rooms from or to any persons who are under 18 years of age.

To provide information that you know is false or misleading or promote illegal activities or conduct that is abusive, threatening, obscene, defamatory or libelous

To use any website names as your own nickname.

To threaten site moderators.

Suspension of the account:

Usually our moderators are very loyal to our players, but if you constantly violate the site rules you will receive a series of warning notifications.
If you continue conduct in the same unothorized manner we reserve the right to suspend your account for 15mins/1hour/1day or block your account permanently and without any possibility to restore it.


Please forward all complaints related to moderators' performance via feedback form.
Thank you.

General Rules of the Game

BottleGame is a unique game. Here you’ll meet new people and you will find lots of new positive emotions.

Spin the Bottle – meet people, chat, and fall in love.

To start playing you have to register at the site and then follow the profile activation link that’s sent in the registration email right after the registration.

If you log in via a social network, then you have to add the application to you page.

On the main page of the application you will see a pop-up window offering to select your age group (you have to choose between 0-17y.o. and 18-99y.o.)

After that you can choose the room in which you would like to play.

By each room you can see how many people are currently in there.

The game starts after pressing the button “ENTER”. After that you find yourself in the room you’ve chosen.

If you log in via a social network, then you have to add the application to you page.

Each room can host up to 24 people at the same time.

During the game each player can randomly become a leading player who spins the bottle.

Depending on the room you may perform different actions.

*The game requires your mic and camera to be connected. The status of the equipment will be reflected on the page.
*The game will start once there are at least two people of different sex in the room but not less than 3 players at the same time.

Kissing room

In this room you will send and receive kisses.

The active player will press the start button and the bottle starts to spin up.

The bottle always chooses a random player of the opposite sex. Once the bottle’s stopped, the two players – the active and the one chosen by the bottle – have to select if they are:

Ready for a kiss?
Yes or No

All kisses are rated.
If you and your partner both selected "Yes", each of you will get 1 rating point.
If you selected "Yes" but your partner chose "No" he /she gets 1 point.
If you answered "No" but your partner chose "Yes", you get 1 point.

There are two main nominations in this room:
“The most kissable guy” “The most kissable girl”.

The more kisses you get, the higher your score.

You can also give or get gifts, go to private rooms and much more!

Make a Wish Room

In this room all your wishes may come true. Other players will have to take care of it.

Just use on your imagination!

Spin the bottle and it’ll show you the person who will fulfill your wish.

When the bottle stops, a pop up window appears where the active player types his wish.

The player chosen by the bottle has to fulfill the wish of the active player.

Then the active role goes to the player who fulfilled the wish.

Use your imagination and live out your secret desires! Make a wish and play for fun!

Truth and Dare Room

Will be available soon

Ideal Couple Room

Will be available soon

Charades Room

The famous Charades game came online!

Spin the bottle and play with words! The player chosen by the bottle has to explain the word meaning with mimics and gestures.

It’s fun! There are more than 150 words to play with. You will have to be very expressive and inventive to win this battle.

Have a lot of fun!

PhotoKiss Room

Don’t have a web cam?

Then you should visit this room.

It’s a room of a classic bottle game where you play for kisses.

You can use an avatar from your social network, upload a pic from your computer or take a picture of yourself with your web cam.

You can also beautify your photo with a handy picture editor.

Get and send kisses!